I am currently on maternity leave and will resume phone consultation bookings in June 2022.

Give your child the gift of sleep. 

Does your little one wake frequently in the night? Are they a serial cat napper? Do they wake early in the morning? No matter what the sleep issues are you're experiencing, Sleep Speak is here to help. 


Hi, I'm Melissa Prinsloo, Certified Baby Sleep Consultant 

I'm a Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant, experienced Paediatric Speech Pathologist and mum to a little boy, Miller. I'm really passionate about helping families to understand what is normal when it comes to their baby's sleep development and to give them the confidence to establish and maintain healthy sleep habits from the beginning of our time together and beyond.  


What we can support you with


Sleep Speak is based in Greater Geelong, Victoria, however we can provide support to you wherever you are in the world via our virtual consults and follow up email/text support.


We can help with:

  •  frequent night wake ups

  •  catnapping

  •  early morning waking

  •  newborn settling

  •  night weaning

  •  teaching self-settling skills

  •  sleep associations

  •  setting up age appropriate routines

  •  toddler bedtime battles

Struggling to settle your newborn for sleep? Purchase our Newborn Sleep Guide.

What Well Rested Parents Say

"Melissa was able to help give me the confidence to encourage my daughter to self settle and get into a much better routine for both of us. She was informative but gentle and gave me all the tools needed to implement better sleeping habits. She helped...

Eliza - mum of a 14 week old

"I wanted to take the time to write you a review because your advice and support has genuinely made a difference to Brodie's sleep and general happiness! He is no longer running on empty and neither are we! He is now sleeping through the night...

"We started off with a newborn who slept really well but things turned upside down after about a month and we had no clue what we were doing. We never wanted to co-sleep but lack of sleep drove us there and we had no idea how to get out of it. We had read...